bovine artificial insemination embryos OvaTech was started in 2007 in order to provide assisted reproductive services to cattle and small ruminant producers throughout the southeastern United States. For the past ten plus years, OvaTech has been a reliable partner for producers looking to improve the genetics of their respective operations through the use of assisted reproductive technologies.

OvaTech offers a wide-array of assisted reproductive services, including conventional embryo flushing, in-vitro fertilization, artificial insemination and fetal sexing.  Operating out of Gainesville, FL OvaTech our primary service area includes Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, but we have provided services throughout the US and also internationally so feel free to contact us regardless of your location.

Our primary goal is to work with our clients to help improve the genetics and reproductive efficiency of their respective operations. In order to achieve this goal, OvaTech adheres to three basic yet fundamental concepts:

dr jeremy block performs cattle pregnancy ultrasound

  • Provide high-quality, reliable and affordable reproductive services that are based on the most recent scientific research and utilize the most up to date technological advances.
  • Develop a personnel team that is experienced, knowledgeable and enjoys working with producers.
  • Conduct basic and applied scientific research so that improvements and advances are continually being made in the techniques that are used and the services that are provided.

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