picture of bovine embryos during in-vitro fertilization

OvaTech is one of the few companies in the southeastern US to offer bovine IVF services. Our partnership with Boviteq, a commercial IVF company in Madison, WI, allows us to provide top of the line IVF services to our clients.

  • In this process, OvaTech harvests oocytes (or eggs) from your donors using a procedure called ovum pick-up. The recovered oocytes are then shipped overnight in an incubator to Boviteq’s IVF lab where they are fertilized and then cultured in vitro.
  • Embryos can be harvested and shipped for fresh embryo transfer into synchronized recipients or frozen for direct transfer at a later date.
  • The ovum pick-up procedure is primarily performed at our facility. OvaTech can provide this service on your farm as long as you meet certain requirements. Please contact us for details.
  • Services for donor boarding and set-up are also offered.
  • For more information on Boviteq’s IVF services, please visit their website. 
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